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Shades, umbrellas and covers.

This section of the site will show you the details of the umbrellas that we stock or can easily order. These super quality spa umbrellas provides shade for the really sunny days as well as shelter when there's that little bit of rain. Our Hot Tub Umbrella is a large polygon that provides beautiful shade for your Hot Tub. The umbrella canopy is made of durable fabric that is colourfast and will last for many seasons. The spa umbrella swivels through a complete circle so you can swing it out of the way or around to shade nearby table and chairs when not being used by the spa. The built-in crank allows you to open and close the canopy with ease. A special lift mechanism lets you maintain maximum shade regardless of the sun's angle. The unique base of our spa umbrella slides under your spa for easy installation and to keep it out of the way so it won't be tripped over. Your spa provides enough weight to keep the spa umbrella in place during the windiest conditions. There are several colour options for the umbrella. When not in use there's a durable cover to keep the umbrella tidy and in best condition. There are a number of options available for different tub sizes and locations. At some point you might need to replace the cover of your much used wonderful tub. There are some really good insulation materials that keep down the heat loss to the environment and so keep down the running costs of your tub. Atlantic Hot Tubs can give you the best advice on the types that are available for you to make an informed decision. At the same time why not think about a cover lifter to make the job of getting the cover off just that bit easier and more a single person job. Get more use out of your hot tub. Ask about the full range of accessories.